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Quick Overview:

  • Buy Groceries & Vegetables from your nearest local/Rakinvymart Online Store
  • Rakinvymart Udhaar Card (Digital Card) 
  • Now Shop Any Grocery Products On Udhaar
  • Available For Rakinvymart Users Only

Product Description

Terms & Conditions

  • Udhaar Card allows you to shop Groceries & Vegetables from any local & Online Rakinvymart Store now and pay later. Udhaar Card offers a 30 Day limit spend.
  • Udhaar Card offers you the same spend limit from ₹1 - ₹5,000 for every single customers.
  • Udhaar Card is only available for Rakinvymart users only.
  • An Extra 5 days will be given to the customers to repay the payment. And if the customer failed to repay the payment within given an extra 5 day will be charged a flat interest of 2%.



  • Udhaar Card Powered By Rakinvymart

Product Type

  • UDHAAR CARD (Digital Card) 


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Used For

  • Grocery Shopping